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Afraid of jail? buy an upgrade | the marshall project. 7th circuit: female inmates can be told to strip | law & crime. Granny spent 10 hours in jail cell with 40 men after nurse …. Women complain of humiliating, illegal strip searches in san …. La’s sheriff denies he knew about ‘degrading’ strip searches …. Judge oks request to preserve evidence in jail strip-search …. Transgender inmate sues greene county jail staff over strip …. Mandatory strip searches for anyone booked into tipton …. Chris watts strip searched in new photos — see them here. Bea’s strip search | wentworth freak in 2019 | wentworth …. Censored news: morton co. police strip search lakota woman …. Cook county jail strip search settlement | class actions …. Councilwoman urges allegheny county jail to end new inmate …. High court: jail strip search ok for minor crime – cbs news. Vial of urine falls from grand forks woman’s body during …. Women visiting rikers describe pattern of invasive searches. 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